Specialized Packaging Group Joins Club Dust to Expand Philanthropic Efforts in Mexico

A few weeks ago, Specialized Packaging Group joined Club Dust to expand philanthropic efforts in Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico. Our employees spoke up, collectively highlighting the organization as the deserving recipient of aid and support. And we listened.

At this moment in time, many local Tijuana and Tecate residents rent rooftop space as living space due to a housing shortage across the city. Paired with a rise in material costs, Tijuana residents need our help more than ever. This is one of many reasons why SPG feels strongly that Club Dust should be and will continue to be the focus of our efforts.

Club Dust chooses housing projects by first prioritizing those with disabilities, single parent families, and large families in order to increase their impact.

During our first collaboration, we partnered with Club Dust to build a home for a family of five from June 22nd to the 24th. The ultimate product featured electricity, two bedrooms, a common area, an attic loft, and an outhouse, equipping one large family with a home from which they can thrive.

Ray Meltvedt, President and founder of Club Dust, “The build event brought SPG co-workers together from both sides of our southern border and worked as a unified and fun-loving team to complete our most beautiful house of the 6 we completed during this June. It was interesting to see how the common goal of building a home evaporated
differences that separate and divide people typically. The SPG team showed us how a business can help change the world for a family of 7 who will live in this new home and develop a stronger personal bond between coworkers in the process,”

In order to accomplish the home build in just three days, a number of SPG company employees and CEO, Paul Budsworth, attended the project. Participants lodged in Tijuana at a local hotel from which they commuted to Tecate on a daily basis, allowing them to see the region out of which we operate our Mexico business.

Specialized Packaging Group and Club Dust expect to continue working together in the future,” We appreciate that SPG donated the cost of all the building materials as well as the foam mattresses made at the local factory. SPG has been donating all the foam for our beds for many years, giving children a good night’s sleep before they head off to school each morning,” said Meltvedt.

For more information regarding our recent housing project, and future philanthropic efforts in Tijuana and Tecate reach out to Daniel Galeana @ 510-335-2353.

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